When wood workshops are gluing veneer (a very thin layer of fine wood) to thicker pieces of wood, they cut off the excess margins, which often have small irregularities, and throw them away as they have no use for them. This shade originated from these leftovers.

Each "Light Cloud" lamp is made of a continuous strip of veneer that follows a circular motion. This leads to an organic structure with points of peripheral light pockets, reflecting hints of sun shining through a cloud. The strip's lack of uniformity gives each lamp its individual character.


The shade is available in three options of natural wood veneer colours: 

maple, walnut or bamboo.


  • Large: 60 cm diameter, 37 cm high

    Medium: 50 cm diameter, 30 cm high

    Small: 40 cm diameter, 25 cm high

  • 1.5 meter textile cable, socket and ceiling plate included.

    Color options for the cable: white, grey, black, brown, light brown.

    As a standard we send a white cable and canopy. 
    If you prefer anything else please send us a message with your order. 


    E27 light fixture, compatible with incandescent, LED and compact fluorescent bulbs.

    The product is suitable for indoor use only.   

    Depending on your location, THERE MAY BE CUSTOM CHARGES, TAXES OR DUTIES on delivery of a purchase. These are the responsibility of the buyer and are NOT INCLUDED IN OUR SHIPPING COSTS.