Studio Vayehi is a product design studio run by the designers Tzuri Gottlieb and Katharina Brand.


"We both share a love of nature in its simplicity and in its fascination.
Designing our lampshades we usually begin with what is close at hand, tangible, preferably natural materials. 

Our hands caress, wrap and bend, they trace the tendencies of the material, and gather the thin layers of wood to form a shade. The finished object retains the memories of our movements.


We often "sketch" with the material itself, with no intermediate (such as paper and pen or a computer). So ideas are born off the material, simple movements create shapes that open possibilities.


We work with relationships. 

Between us and the material, between the material and itself, its inclinations and its limitations."

Studio Vayehi tells a personal tale that emphasizes the human dimension in the production process. The studio specializes in the design and production of masterfully hand-crafted light objects made of wood veneer (thin slices of fine wood).